FAQs on cctv security systems

FAQs on cctv security systems


CCTV security cameras have been evolving since  it hit the market. FAQs on CCTV security systems are one if the major topic that needs to be addressed from time to time as the information keeps changing with it’s upgrade.


We often have many doubts regarding it’s picture quality, audio, night mode, settings, advanced features, basically everything about how it works.


So without any further adieu let’s get right into the FAQs on CCTV security systems:


  • How do I choose the correct camera for my application?

One of the most important FAQs on CCTV security camera. In case of choosing the right camera for an application is a little difficult looking at all that goes into choosing it. You have to consider what goes into making your application and how to achieve that correct performance from the system.

A high resolution camera in case of a higher definition required for a larger space. Choosing a sensitive camera is good for catching images in a poorly lit areas.


  • What’s the difference between hardware compression and software compression?

Hardware compression consists of both capturing the video and compressing the video signal using DSP chipset integrated on DVR board. It is a low rate CPU and RAM resources In this system the computer CPU task focuses on the streaming of the video and audio to the network and saves the recorded data in the hardware.

While software compression is a DVD board that only captures video signal without compressing it.It is the high rate of CPU and RAM resources.In this case the CPU and RAM are usually overloaded. It is much easier to crash than a hardware compression.


  • Why do I get clear picture only during the day time and it’s blur during the night?

A FAQ on CCTV camera systems that seems to be every first time user’s problem.

It is a simple answer, it happens due to the change in depth of field and can be easily changed using the set of rules provided in the manual book.


  • How do I set up a camera and lens to use in a low light conditions or set up a camera with infrared lighting?

Placing a (ND1) Neutral Density filter in front of the lens can help the colour camera for low lighting conditions. While for a Mono camera you can use (ND3) Neutral Density filter in front of it’s lens for low lighting conditions.

For Mono camera fitted with I/R lighting place an (IRP) Infrared Pass filter in front of the lens should fix the problem.


  • When can I use a manual Iris lens?

The original rule is to use the manual iris or an MI lens only in an internal application. It is because while using MI one is dependent on an electronic circuitry  of the camera that is compensating for the light changes in the focus area. As this camera is not able to compensate for the scene as much as a auto Iris lens, hence it is limited to internal use.


  • How to back focus a camera that is fitted with a fixed focal length lens?

These are the five simple steps for this problem:

  •  Set the physical focus of the camera to infinity which must be done clockwise from the front row.
  • Aim the camera to the subject to be viewed
  • Release the camera back focus mechanism
  • Adjust the back focus to get the highest resolution possible
  • Secure the camera back focus mechanism


  • How to fit an Auto Iris lens to a camera?

This FAQ on CCTV security systems that has the simplest answer. Refer to the manual book and if not then a simple plug in connection to rear or on the side of the camera should fix this issue.


  • How to back focus a camera fitted with a zoom lens?

Follow these simple steps below:

  • Set the lens to full wide angle view
  • Set the physical focus of the lens to infinity clockwise as viewed from the front
  • Aim the camera to an object that is at least 30 meters away
  • Release the camera back focus mechanism
  • Adjust  the focus to obtain maximum clarity possible
  • Zoom the lens to full telephoto and focus on a nearby object
  • Keep the object in focus while zooming out slowly and if it is set correctly the it will remain in focus
  • Secure the camera back focus mechanism


  • What is the size of the monitor that should be used?

This entirely depends on the usage. For example: the number of images to be displayed in a given amount of time, the viewing distance and the available space.


  • What do you mean by video termination?

Video termination means the end line resistance of  CCTV camera. It must be set to 75 ohm. There is no requirement for setting every piece to 75 ohm only the last camera must be set to this ohm.


  • Is it mandatory to use a regulated power supply?

Yes, this will be answered with more clarification by the manufacturer as ro what type of power supply their system will require. However, in general yes it is mandatory.


  • What is the correct level for a video picture?

The correct level for a video picture is  1 volt peak to peak. Although this can only be set by an oscilloscope or a video level meter.


FAQs on CCTV security camera may seem a never ending but finding the right camera is one of the solutions for all these questions and doubts.

The question is what is considered as the best CCTV camera. There are several brands and dealers in the market that have the best products and products that suits the situations the buyer is trying to use it for.


Nutech solutions

One of the best CCTV camera dealer that you will come across is Nutech Solutions. It is one of the most leading brands in the industry.

Nutech solutions believes in making life more convenient for its users by delivering one of the most hightech, user friendly, affordable and beneficial smart products.

Nutech Solutions, however, do not just deal with CCTV security system but it also deals with several other security systems and also provides data communication solutions.


These are the types of CCTV products provided by Nutech


Types of CCTVs:

  • CCTV
  • CCTV matrix
  • Satatya samas
  • Satatya NVR standard
  • Satatya NVR premium
  • Satatya HVR standard
  • Satatya HVR premium
  • Centralised management software


  Types of cameras:

  • Dome
  • Bullet
  • Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ)
  • Fish eye


The variety of CCTVs and cameras provided by Nutech is suitable for all kinds of business with snart technology. It comes with extra features and benefits that are upgrades according to what the market has to offer and much more.

If you are looking for an affordable CCv security camera with best performance then you have come to the right place.


To learn more about CCTV by Nutech Solutions visit our website.













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