In today’s fast moving world, it is important that the right technology is applied in all fields of business and CCTV is of no exception! Many variants of IP based solutions have been arisen in the market as they are in high demand as the number of manpower security can be reduced by using these cameras. Installation of such Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) protects you again theft, break in or robbery.

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Why IP based camera’s?

Normal CCTV camera’s can be useful for the office to be monitored is located in a single location. Whereas, IP camera’s will be useful to monitor office location anywhere from any remote location.  They turn audio and visuals into data and transmit it over a Network or Internet connection for remote access from different location. Hence, IP based camera’s are becoming the future!

The camera’s come with a default IP by which a client can use it to monitor from a remote location. The IP CCTV camera also has advanced options including infrared vision that allows viewing images even in the dark!

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