Access Control/Time Attendance (ACTA) is becoming essential to protect the workplace from unauthorized entry ensuring safety of the organization. It is generally used in companies to control the in and out of the workers and their attendance. In a small or large business environment sign-in sheets and paper records of attendance are difficult to keep track of, but with the use of ACTA organizations can make administrative works easier with multi-use ID badges of biometric attendance system.

ACTA is known for its security, flexibility and simplicity in monitoring and offering limited access throughout a facility by ensuring employees at the workplace to go through a variety of authentication.

Our ACTA equipments are built with enterprise class architecture for access cards and biometric attendance system with centralized application servers that manages thousand plus terminals to offer centralized access control and time attendance. Nutech’s biometric access control system comes with speedy authentication fingerprint access with live finger detection function that offers unparalleled performance using advanced algorithms. It is easy to configure and integrate on to any workplace environment that wants to monitor clocking-in and improve their productivity.

Benefits of ACTA:

  • Track and restrict access throughout your organization premises
  • Provides a safer working environment
  • Remotely administers multiple facilities through one interface
  • Audit the movement and time and attendance of employees

Nutech Solutions have developed long-standing track record with huge number of installations of Biometrics fingerprint system in Chennai and PAN India. If you are in need of any physical Access Control Solutions, then Nutech’s ACTA would serve you better!

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