FAQ on Biometrics attendance system

June 22nd, 2019

FAQ on Biometrics attendance system



Biometrics is a concept that many may not be familiar with and there are several FAQ on biometrics attendance system.

It helps in authentication and identification of a person based on their characteristics and biometric template to compare with the existing data for recognition.


Biometrics is a form of access control that is used for keeping highly secured places safe from unauthorised access.


The reference model for identification is first stored in a database later this model is compared with the biometrics data of the person to be authenticated. After the process of authentication the person’s identity is verified.


For example:

Are you Mr/Mrs/Miss A?

Biometrics consists of identification system that determines the identity of a person. The biometric identification then captures a biometric data that can used for recognition. It can be a photo, image of fingerprint, voice recording, image of an eye, etc.

This captured information is then compared with all the other stored data in the biometric identification database for a verification.


Hence, that is what Biometrics is but that is not enough to answer on the FAQ on Biometric attendance system.


Let us look into the major FAQ on Biometrics attendance system for a better clarity.

  • Is fingerprint scanning technology harmful for health?

A very often asked FAQ on Biometrics attendance system.

This question has no evidence to support that it is harmful for health or can impose any negative effects in ones body. It is a non intrusive and simple scanning process for identification and authorisation.


  • Does fingerprint scanner secure my identity?

Absolutely, it also enhances your security and privacy by providing a combination of encryption and biometrics. It is process that requires for you to be physically present there to verify your identity unlike keys and access cards or pin codes.


  • Can I still login with an injured finger?

Another FAQ on Biometrics attendance system.

In case of a injured finger as long as the outer layer of skin is not badly damaged you will be able to login easily. If a scar remains on the finger it can be used as a unique feature of your identification in the later days to come.


  • Can my fingerprint image be duplicated?

No, the fingerprint image is not stored while the minuetia is captured instead and calculated using the algorithm concept. It is then stored as your unique identity which cannot be provided by any other source except your own finger.


  • What is the most popular biometrics?

According to the research the most popular biometrics is the fingerprint biometrics. This is due to the less complicated process of a fingerprint identification, it is also much lesser intrusive, the device for this type of biometrics is smaller and an individual has an option of several fingers.


  • What is 1:1 (one-to-one) and 1:N (one-to-many) verification?

This may not be a FAQ on Biometrics attendance system but is an important one.

1:1 is a verification with pin where users require to key-in their pin before placing their fingers on the device. Then the device compares the call up template with the live finger for verification.

1:N is a direct verification of fingerprint which means the device will check for identification of the finger within its stored data for verification.


  • Why isn’t DNA widely used as a verification even if it is considered as the most unique form of biometrics?

A smart FAQ on Biometrics attendance system.

It is correct that DNA is the most accurate form of biometrics. But DNA is the most easily accessible form of a person’s identity, hence, it remains as an unsafe form of security verification.


  • Can a detached finger be used in Fingerprint scanner?

Fingerprint scanner only identifies live finger as the sensor can detect the moisture and the temperature of the finger.

Hence, only a live finger can be used for Fingertec verification.


  • Which is the recommended finger to be used for a fingerprint scanner?

This is another FAQ on Biometrics attendance system.

You can use any of the ten fingers for verification.

However, it is much easier for the scanner to capture the minutiae from index and thumb rather than other fingers.


  • Why are some 1:N users limited to certain number of users?

1:N users template is not call-up prior for comparison with the live finger. As the live finger will be compared with all the existing templates in the database till the matching template is found.

Therefore, in case the number of template increases, the searching time increases hence increasing the time of verification. Hence, to avoid this from happening 1:N users are limited to certain number of users.


  • What is the fingerprint verification system does not recognize my finger at all?

That is not a problem as there will other ways to verify the identity. Usually a fingerprint system have alternative ID verification that will help you log in.


  • What happens to the verification system in case of a power failure?

Usually fingerprint verification systems are powered with backup and battery. However, backup can last only for few hours, hence, safety measures must be taken to make sure that it keeps running smoothly or find other means to ensure safety for the premises.


  • Can fingerprint technology integrate with other security systems?

Fingerprint security systems can be integrated with other security systems. It can also be used as the main security system along with other security systems.


  • Can I adjust the level of security in fingerprint technology?

This is a significant FAQ on Biometrics attendance system as not many are aware that it’s possible.

Yes you can adjust the level of security in fingerprint technology according to your preference. There can be multi verification needs or lesser levels of verification.


  • If fingerprint identification expensive compared to other security systems?

It is not always more expensive than other security system. It can be if you are looking at two different type of qualities in different security systems.

But if you want to compare the same quality or same dealer’s security systems it costs just as any other decent high tech security system.


These are some of the FAQ on Biometrics attendance system.

However, if you are looking for a biometrics system that fulfills all the questions above then you have come to the right place.

Biometrics attendance system is a trending and highly reliable security system that can be bought in a very affordable price with all the features that you require.

 Nutech Solutions

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Nutech’s Access control time attendance (ACTA) includes of products:

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How fingerprint based attendance system helps factory to increase their productivity?

June 22nd, 2019


How fingerprint based attendance system helps factory to increase their productivity?


Fingerprint based attendance system is a system for every business that needs to keep in check of its employees attendance. It is a helpful system that allows to keep things on track and save your business from unauthorised access.

Every business requires a high-end system that handles the business in the most mature and professional manner.
Running a business is not a child’s play therefore, a business owner must find means to maintain the systematic order, look after every department, take care of the employees and also keep a check on their productivity.
Hence, having a fingerprint based attendance system helps factory to increase their productivity. Factory like any other business requires to focus on productivity and one way to increase it is installing a fingerprint based attendance system and here is why:

1. Scheduling precision

A helpful and a right type of fingerprint attendance system helps the employees to plan the work accordingly. They learn to prioritize the works and use the right labor in the right job.
With this system the employees can schedule their absences and schedule the leaves without interrupting their colleagues’ works and schedules.
While, for the manufacturers it helps them manage overtime across the team at various locations.
This software accurately tracks refused or accepted requests and provides full insight into the work progress and punctuality of the employees.
Thus, this is one of the reasons how fingerprint based attendance system helps factory to increase their productivity.

2.Real time visibility

With fingerprint time and attendance software a business owner can access all the production, machines, work in progress, labor force, etc. This way a detailed report of work with accuracy can be collected with real time visibility making is easy to track things piece by piece.
With such automated tracking the business owner can avoid any type hectic schedule from getting clogged that otherwise is impossible to do manually. The employer can easily check what work is happening and which employee is doing which part of work and how much labor is being put into all in real time. This type of tracking allows the owner to assign work at the right places and plan the duties with ease.

3. Helps in reducing cost

Another important reason how fingerprint based attendance system helps factory to increase their productivity. Automated software helps in getting accurate reports of work and attendance.
The accurate reports save a business from any sort of fraudulent activities like adding extra work to one’s schedule, someone else putting the attendance and much more which means cashing out from the employer without real work reports.
As unauthorized overtime, long breaks and many other such acts the go unnoticed adds up to the company’s bills, the automated software keeps a track so it’s all recorded with accuracy.
The above automated tracking and recording leads to effective cost saving business process.

4. Employee satisfaction

When a detailed work report is collected without any miscalculations a business owner does not require to bother the employees regarding clarifications.
The fingerprint attendance system helps in labor compliance, facilitates the payroll, activities, helps in accurate and error free calculation of compensation or wages and in providing a timely paycheck to the employees.
A factory business carries out all the crucial tasks easily so the employees do not have to take care of manually making their lives easier as well. All the timely and accurately managed reports keeps the employees happy and motivates them to work harder.

5. Reduces manual labor

Another important reason how fingerprint based attendance system helps factory to increase their productivity.
There are several work that takes longer period when done manually because doing things in such a manner requires more labor and several steps.
When a fingerprint automated software is provided the same role, it does several jobs at the same time and records it all accurately. The accuracy in the work saves time so the employees do not have to check it again and again for errors.
As much as the manual labor gets reduced the employees enjoy the easier days at work and they can focus on other activities that actually requires man labor.
This saves time, increases productivity in all the departments and helps in collecting larger revenues.

And these are all the above reasons to How fingerprint based attendance system helps factory to increase their productivity.

Owning a factory definitely calls for buying a fingerprint based attendance system to reduce workload and bring more accuracy at the workplace.
There are many fingerprint based attendance system but you need to opt the right one for your business. A suitable software for a business bring great changes in the work and improves it in many aspects.
A fingerprint based attendance software for a factory must not only be a mere attendance sheet where you put your records but must have features the makes a workplace more productive and a place where there is no room for frauds.
Finding such software may be a little difficult as a thorough research on the software is required unless you already have enough knowledge about such software.

Nutech solutuions

Which is why there is Nutech Solutions. Nutech solutions is a security system and data communication dealer that provides best software and hardware. Nutech solutions believe in providing the best and highest end solutions to the customers in a responsible manner providing only the best and latest models to keep things updated and running.
Access control and time attendance of Nutech solutions comes with exciting and useful features. It keeps both employee and employer happy with it accurate details.
There are many types of fingerprint attendance software system that does much more than just allowing access and protecting unauthorized entry restricted areas. Nutech solution is the best answer to how fingerprint based attendance system helps factory to increase their productivity as it helps in every aspect of a factory business innumerable ways.

Some of the types of fingerprint software provided by Nutech are:
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● NGT series
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