FAQs on EPABX systems

June 22nd, 2019








FAQs on EPABX systems


EPABX is a electronic private automatic branch exchange. It is a telephone exchange that serves a business or an office in particular unlike a general telephone service that is used by the general public.

FAQs on EPABX systems are due to the new technologies that comes along with the EPABX introducing new features and new techniques from time to time.

In the modern era it is not possible to function without having a knowledge about systems that make business and life itself function easier and better. EPABX is one of the many systems that makes business run smoothly. It makes business communications easier, faster and more confidential as expected.

It is a hack that every business must use for a smoother communication within the business. It helps one keep track of all the business calls which allows the owner to have a proper list of all the work that happened on calls.


EPABX system like any other has it’s doubts and questions, so let’s jump right into the FAQs on EPABX systems.


  • How many telephone lines can be recorded in a single computer?

This depends on UCB/PCI port of the computer, however, you can record upto 128 lines in a single computer.


  • How to listen to a recording?

Speaker or headphone can be used to listen to the recordings


  • How to connect telephone lines with the system?

Telephone lines connect parallel to the recording system using RJ-11 phone jack, thus, the previous setting will be changed.


  • Can the recording be converted into MP3?

Yes, of course, the recordings can be converted into mp3 and WAV.


  • Can the telephone recording be accessed from the internet?

Yes, the telephone recording software supports LAN, hence, it can be access from the internet.


  • Have an EPABX system in an office, can it record the calls from all extensions?

FAQs on EPABX systems are also questions that are generally as simple as this one.

Yes your office’s EPABX system can record all the incoming and outgoing calls from all extensions. For which one must connect the direct trunk lines parallel to Telephone recording system.


  • Can direct trunk line be still recorded without EPABX?

Yes, connecting the trunk lines parallel to Telephone recording system can always solve this matter.


  • Does the recording list display all the incoming and outgoing numbers along with the missed calls?

Yes, the recording list shows all the incoming, outgoing and missed calls.

The trunk lines must have caller id incase of incoming calls, it supports DTMF and FSK caller id formats. The missed call list is displayed separately from the other calls.


  • Does the recording playlist display extension numbers like 20, 21, 31, 201, 225, etc?

If the direct trunk lines are connected the recording playlist do not display the EPABX numbers while it will display your own native telephone number. Although if selected extension lines are connected to telephone recording system the number will be displayed. In this case you can record both inbound and outbound calls.


  • How many telephone calls can be recorded in computer system?

One can record about 800,000 minutes in 80GB hard disk. Although this depends on the capacity of the hard disk, in case your hard disk has more memory you can record more calls.


  • For how many lines is EPABX available?

It is available from 1 to 128 ports. In case of doubt about which one to get, you can always count the telephone lines and purchase accordingly.


  • What is the minimum computer system requirement to install a software?

The minimum computer system requires for telephone recording is Pentium-4, 512 MB RAM, 80 GH hard disk and available pCI/USCB port. One can also use a higher configuration PC for more telephone recording lines. There is no need to dedicate a PC for telephone recordings. However, some EPABX supports Win XP, Win 2K, Vista and Win 7 operating system.


  • What is SIP in PBX?

SIP enables PBX to connect to the internet in order to connect to the internet to make calls over the internet.


  • Why must EPABX be used in an office?

EPABX allows to switch calls internally in a business from one caller to another. It is a line of extension where number of callers can be on call which makes office work convinient, hence it is used in offices. Also it helps in keeping things confidential as it is only an office network which does not bother with the general network.



These are some of the major FAQ on EPABX. Looking for the right EPABX is another question that must be addressed.

EPABX has many categories and hundreds of brands in the market that claims to do the job for you. What a business owner should be looking for is a smart system that is upgraded, comes with a package that is suitable for the business, best features in the market and budget friendly.

Here are the highlighted features that one should be looking at before purchasing an EPABX system:

  • Affordable
  • Scalability
  • Credibility
  • Best Up times
  • Easy set up
  • Employee flexibility
  • Insights and analytics
  • Agent productivity and improvement
  • Call list tracking
  • Compatibility
  • Customizable
  • High capacity (in case of large business)
  • Unlimited calling


Nutech Solutions

Nutech Solutions is a security and data communication system dealer. It is one of the most leading businesses when it comes to EPABX system and if you are looking for the best in the market then you have stumbled upon the right place.

Nutech solutions ensures to provide quality and make life convenient for the buyer. Here we put the client’s needs first as that is the key to best service.

Nutech provides variety of EPABX that are suitable for small, medium and large business.


Here are the products of EPABX that Nutech solutions provide:



  • EPABX Matrix
  • Business IP-PBX
  • Hotel motel PBX
  • Unified Communication Server
  • Digital key phones
  • IP phones
  • Mobile softphone
  • UC Client Varta WIN200
  • Office in a box
  • VoIP Gateways
  • GSM Gateways
  • Universal media gateway
  • GSM FCTs



  • NEC
  • NEC SV9000 series
  • SL1000



  • EPABX Panasonic



  • EPABX Syntel
  • Syntel Intouch
  • Syntel Plus
  • Syntel Neos


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