Pros and Cons of CCTV System

August 3rd, 2019

The most useful advancements in modern technology has to be the creation of the CCTV camera system.

CCTV are installed in public places to prevent crime and maintain peace on the motherland.

The use of cameras has increased rapidly in recent years.

It is undeniable that the use of these cameras has plenty of advantages and other premises.

Nevertheless, some of the issues invade privacy due to constantly being monitored.

Firstly, by having this system at workplace trims down crime. Not only that, as the workers know that they are under surveillance, they will less likely do any crime.

Looking from another perspective, this system also causes controversy.  cctv-cameras

However one must know that safety is much more important when compared to privacy and prevention is much better than suffering any circumstances.

Here we look at all the pros and cons of a CCTV system , to guide your choice on whether to purchase one or not:

Pros of a CCTV system:

  • Heightened monitoring:

The main objective of a CCTV system is to give you the ability to see everything even when you are absent.

With the button press , an individual can easily rewind the tape to aid an investigation.

There is also a secured doorway control program which is installed.

Instead of just lessening a crime , we can also do other practical things through monitoring a system both in workplace and in the home.

At home , a CCTV system can help you locate things. It also helps to reduce theft . You could also easily check the records to find them in no time.

  • Maintain records :

You always have a record  of whatever is happening.

Whether it’s a crime or simply something that you would like to be reminded of such as the face of a new neighbour.

Since an IP is designed to be accessed over the internet, you can check your records.

  • Lessen crime:

CCTV has been shown to reduce crime by upto 50% , closing half more cases.

They can undoubtedly help reduce crime rates not just in public places.

A analog camera is still a good alternative especially if you want to know the budget and also to secure a small private space.

Cons of a CCTV system:

  • Can make people uncomfortable and also affect privacy:

There are lot of people who are not comfortable with a security camera .

Some people feel anxious having your actions monitored.

Issues of trust and privacy has been increased especially in private spaces.

In professional environments , it can stir controversy and be offensive to the being monitored.

  • Vulnerable:

The most expensive IP camera isn’t 100% safe.

Any type of technology, there are still vulnerabilities in a CCTV system which can also lead to a huge problem to any individual planning to invest in a system.

It is necessary to note all the steps you can keep your system safe from tampering, such as getting your model from a trusted manufacturer or making sure that all connections.

  • Unable to stop crime:

While CCTV systems have been used to lessen criminal activity and increase the probability of wrong – doers being caught.

It will be unable to do anything about it, unlike an alarm system which can alert system which can alert the proper authorities.

Are surveillance cameras a good idea?

The potential value of public surveillance technology has rapidly increasing.

It is the new law enforcement tool. It can be used to keep an eye out for any crimes  that are in progress or that can be stopped before they even start .

There is a good chance that the authorities will be able to get a viable image of the culprit.

For some people , knowing that surveillance cameras are in certain areas can help create a sense of security.

Some may believe that there may be less of a chance that a crime will be committed if there are cameras in the area.

Some businesses and authorities may place cameras in areas in hope that it will prevent crimes from being committed in the first place.

It’s no surprise that security cameras have advanced the progress in technology, but what we can we expect from security cameras of the future.

With a modern security camera , wireless technology is common place and their features are developing rapidly.

Automation through artificial intelligence is one area where the security cameras of the future could surpass current technology.

The applications of modern CCTV systems can roughly be divided into two areas , namely the public monitoring and the monitoring of certain plants.

The area of public surveillance is probably the most common CCTV case , because everyone of us might be involved in this on a daily basis.

The report is about the market size of the CCTV camera market for security purpose. It also reveal the trend in this industry is shifting to people becoming more conscious about the security and the increasing thefts than being pessimist about the cost involved in buying the product.

CCTV is consistently treated as a stable technology, obscuring radical technological changes that have occurred .

When used in moderation , under the correct guidance , these cameras can be invaluable in aiding the police in their investigation.

There needs to be reform into how the authorities use the existing surveillance cameras to enhance their effectiveness to their impact on crime.

Some requirements include:

  • Overseeing your cash registers and employees.
  • Keeping your premises safe.
  • Screening movement in a high risk area.
  • Prevents shoplifting.
  • Monitoring vandalism.
  • Keeping an eye on unwanted visitors.

The reality is that installing a reliable CCTV system is a security kit which will give immense safety.

The CCTV system does a great job in prevention and reduction of the criminal activities in the country.

There are also factors that reduces the effectiveness of the cameras.

Consequently, the CCTV show the best protection and security and also to supplement the existing security systems.

They are becoming increasingly affordable to install. It is better to install a CCTV camera instead of hiring multiple security officers to monitor many areas of your establishment or town.