Syntel Neos

Syntel Neos


The Syntel NEOS is in the new fangled era that consists of everything such as IP ready, GSM and digital EPABX under one place that helps the enterprises by making the technology work in an unimagined way. The central potency of this product lies in enabling the system to utilize all the advantages. In addition, it avails true digital experience that is available in default with the basic systems at no additional cost than other PBX that are available in the market. Some of the economic profits that you will get from this will be,

  • Inner voice punctual
  • Call billing
  • Trunk and Extension resources
  • Mini CRM software
  • HMS software
  • Auto Fax recognition


This is rich-built with high profile in a new age generation of IP digital anf wireless technology.


  • 8 port auto attendant
  • Internal voice prompts
  • CLI bared routing
  • Auto fax detection
  • Least cost routing
  • Mini CRM software
  • Trunk extension and many more

Syntel Neos exists in various models such as:

  • 3S – Upto 80 ports
  • 6S – Upto 128 ports
  • 16S – Upto 258 ports

for all types of small and mediums scales of organizations. The use of Neos makes not only gain in terms of productivity but also monitory.