Syntel Intouch

Syntel Intouch


Syntel Intouch is not only designed for communication solution, but also for unique requirements for residential society. Its highly built configuration enables enhancements up to 512 ports.

The Syntel Intouch have wide range of intercoms that will help you to stay connected, feel secured and other enabling conveniences that enhance the life on your way. It’s not the one that is used simply for chatting with neighbors, rather it seems best in satisfying the unique requirements of residential units as it have been designed with unique communication solution that elevates the whole living experience of owners by communicating their thoughts and security solely.

Some touching features existing in this intercom system are:

  • General extensions to flat call barring
  • Cable tamper alert
  • Panic alert button
  • Emergency alarm
  • Conference in parties
  • Bar leak detector
  • Watchman watch dog

And most of all it is more cost effective too.