Matrix Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC) EPABX integrates with the existing power line infrastructure and uses the same network for communication across various sites. The PLCC network itself is typical in its architecture and topology.

In addition, PLCC users depend heavily on communication to keep the electricity infrastructure run uninterrupted round-the clock. Matrix ETERNITY is the result of thorough study of PLCC requirements and many years of experience in designing similar products.


  • Alternate Routing
  • Destination Restricted Dialing
  • Flexible Station ID
  • Programming Options
  • System Fault Alarms
  • User Restricted Dialing
  • Call Progress Tones & Rings
  • Voice Message Applications
  • Flexible Extension Numbering Plan

PLCC Express Switch:

MATRIX ETERNITY PLCC Express is the superset of all the switching functions. It has capabilities to work as a PLCC EPAX with transit functions. It also performs the role of a normal Office PBX, saving over the separate switching infrastructure and Office PBX.

Gateway Interface:

PLCC EPAX provides interface for extending the communication redundancy to GSM and IP networks through expansion cards without changing the existing setup. Also the PLCC EPAX has interface for connecting external VoIP and GSM gateways to leverage benefits of these networks along with E&M network.

Connectivity Diagram