Hotel Motel PBX

Hotel Motel PBX


Matrix PBX brings an innovative communication service in the hotel industry which shows excel in the business growth as well as rich satisfaction for each and every guest.

Matrix PBX is the right choice for all type of hotels ranging from 20 to 1500 rooms. Matrix PBX is available in different variation to fit all type of scales such as:

  • ETERNITY PE (10 to 40 rooms)
  • ETERNITY GE (100 to 200 rooms)
  • ETERNITY ME (300 to 400 rooms)
  • ETERNITY LE (500 to 1500 rooms)

For improved hospitality solution and effective front desk management, the PBX is designed in such a way.

Further, Matrix PBX offers automate routine activity and easy integration, in turn which boost the staff efficiency and productivity. Systematic and transparent hotel operation with PMS and wide connectivity makes every guest with enriched satisfaction and loyalty.


  • Automate Routine Activities
  • Boost Staff Efficiency and Productivity
  • Enrich Customer Experience and Services
  • Increase Guest Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Extend Mobility to Staff Members
  • Easy Integration with Existing Telephony Interfaces
  • Systematic and Transparent Hotel Operations with PMS Application
  • Wide Connectivity Options as Wireless Phones and IP DECT

Hotel Phones:

ETERNITY works in conjunction with wide range of hotel phones – such as analog phones, digital key phones, operator consoles, IP phones and mobile phones as hotel terminals.

IP Phones:

SPARSH VP248 IP phone is a range of high-definition IP Phones. SPARSH VP248 supports a host of additional features providing the quick access to the hotel features at single touch of a button.

Digital Key Phones:

EON48 is a versatile, feature-rich and easy to use digital key phone. It provides all productivity boosting features at single touch access. EON48 is available in following two variants.

Operator Console:

DSS 16×4 is an additional key expansion module for EON48S and EON48P. It offers 64 direct station selection keys with dual-color LED indication.


  • Busy Lamp Field Indication (BLF)
  • Call budgeting
  • Call privileges
  • Check in/check out
  • Third party PMS/CAS integration
  • Guest in/Guest out status
  • Message notification
  • Room status display
  • Room shifting
  • Remote programming
  • Room monitoring
  • Voice mails and messages, etc.