pros and cons of epabx

Electronics Private Automatic Branch Exchange shortly known as EPABX is a piece of equipment for switching system responsible for all types of communication calls in the enterprises. In this fast and furious world, EPABX is an unavoidable and vibrant tool and it plays a vital role in communication systems.

By the use of EPABX, we can create mini-telephone exchange in the office because EPABX can convert a single line into multiline connection up to nearly 10,000 service lines. So with this, one can imagine the power of EPABX in communication system.

Though it is a very powerful tool, it is so user-friendly! Moreover, EPABX can be used for small cable to large scale units depending upon the requirements. EPABX has got a versatile range of application factors such as call forwarding, call transfer, call accounting, call receiving, call distributing, DND night service, voice mail, voice paying, etc., by automatic. Even hot mail can be created by the use of EPABX.

Finally selection of EPABX is more important! Before the selection of EPABX, the person must have some knowledge of the basic requirements, call traffic and to meet out the overcoming task expected in the future.

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